Community Building

What we’re about…

Xpidemix Board Gaming and Tabletop Community is for people who enjoy board games and socializing. Our meetups have more of a socializing aspect versus a competitive gaming environment.

First time attending? You do not need to bring any games unless you have one you would like to play. The gaming communities have their own playing days here at Xpidemix so its good to reach out to them or you can pass on the request to the store.

It is easy to find a gaming group and people are always eager to teach games. The store always welcome new gamers!

Outreach Programs

Our outreach program is catered to school clubs and community clubs that want to start their own small historical tabletop games. The primary goal for this program is

  • create awareness of basic miniature building and painting
  • inculcate an inclusive environment where all levels are welcome to socialize and contribute
  • a platform where like minded individuals are able to showcase their work and talent