Xpidemix Marketplace

Created to allow our customers to sell their games and collectibles.

Located at 63 East Coast Road, Xpidemix began as a consulting company for scale modelling with LEGO and hobby model kits. We eventually expand to include a wargaming model kits and a myriad selection of board games. The marketplace was created as a solution to the growing underplayed board games on our customers shelves. Rather than eventually ending up with missing or deteriorating components, we believe handing it over to new hands will be more worth it akin to recycling.

  • Top quality and original products
  • Play area experience
  • Community building

Our Store


Store located at 63 East Coast Road

The store is along East Coast Road at The Red House which was renovated and improved back in 2017. It is exactly opposite Roxy Square and enjoys the bustling vicinity alongside Katong I12.

What we do?


Please visit xyfergames.com

Online Retail

Please visit battlequarters.com

Clinics and Class

We run scale model classes for beginners to try their hands on this intricate and patient hobby. Meet-ups and get together s are a frequent scene here in store as modelers get together to exchange ideas and share modelling tips.