1. General Seller Requirements

  • Product Types:
    Seller must sell authentic products. Used and Refurbished are allowed. We do not condone and allow counterfeit products to be sold on this channel.
  • Xpidemix Marketplace is an avenue for sellers to sell used or new items, to those who might be interested in purchasing it.
  • All Products are to be compliant to the relevant Singapore Government standards.

2. Commission charges

  • Xpidemix Marketplace sellers are charged a commission based on the sales transacted. 
  • Part of the fees are used to cover the Point Of Sale transaction charges over the store counter.
  • Sellers whom transacted with Buyers independently without Xpidemix involvement will not be charged. However sellers are require to maintain the availability of the product listed online. As such, if said product is no longer available, sellers are responsible to take down the listing or marked it as sold.

3. Shipment and Delivery

  • Xpidemix Marketplace enables sellers to provide their own shipping solutions and the charges that will be included clearly to the Buyer.
  • Xpidemix Marketplace will not be LIABLE and, or RESPONSIBLE for any transactions that are concluded independently outside Xpidemix's realms.