Zombicide Season 2: Prison Outbreak

SGD$149.90 SGD$127.42
  • For 1 to 6 Players
  • 60 minute playing time
  • This is a standalone game that can also be combined with Zombicide
  • 90 miniatures, including 78 zombies
  • 9 brand new, reversible, prison-themed, game tiles
  • This is a standalone game that can also be combined with Zombicide
  • 90 miniatures, including 78 zombies
  • -15%
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The Grizzled

  • For 2-5 players.
  • 30 minute playing time.
  • Co-op game where the players win or lose together.
  • A true group challenge, this intense and immersive game is also an homage to our forebears.

    Gang Rush Breakout

    SGD$99.90 SGD$79.90

    The job of a mafia driver is to bring home the loot… and do it fast!

    • For 3-5 players.
    • 45 minute playing time.
    • Go from zero to fun in no time!
    • -SGD$20.00
    Guillotine Games

    The Others: 7 Sins Board Game

    • For 2-5 players
    • 90 minute playing time
    • Modular storytelling! several different aspects of each adventure are customizable
    • Intense one-against-many strategy game. Players must work together or be defeated by sin
    • Dark and imaginative components and are set the scene for a battel between good and evil


      • For 2-6 players
      • 20 minute playing time
      • Tons of different characters with unique, special abilities
      • Fast, silly action with a lot of backstabbing

        Dragon Castle


        Use tradition to build a new palace and lure people to your realm.


          Rising Sun Monster Pack

          • For 3-5 Players
          • 90-120 minute playing time
          • The 4 new Monsters are represented by high-quality, miniatures standing at impressive heights similar to the core game’s original Monsters
          • The Monster’s impressive, new abilities offer players more options during battles, adding new levels of strategy to the game

            Rising Sun Kami Unbound

            • The now physically manifested Kami not only assist the Clans who offer the most worship, they will bring unique powers to the Provinces they occupy
            • Players can add the Mountain Season card set to the base game’s Seasons cards to offer more options and strategies in the game.


              • For 2-4 players
              • 45 minute playing time
              • Win the gods' favor, rule the nation!
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              An unlikely alliance has come together to bring down the Patrón.

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              Way of The Panda

              • Way Of The Panda Board Game Cool Mini Or Not
              • 2-4 players
              • Ages 14+
              • 45 minute play time
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              Gekido: Bot Battles


              Control your bot in the arena of the future, and annihilate the competition!

              • For 2-4 players
              • 30 minute playing time
              • Features 6 highly detailed, full color miniatures to do battle with
              • Battles are action packed and quick

                Rum & Bones: Second Tide Iron Inquisition

                • For 2-6 Players
                • 60 minute playing time
                • Expansion. Rum & Bones: Second Tide core game is required to play.
                • Includes a sea-worthy vessel and its own deck of Tide cards
                • Out-of-Stock

                Kick-Ass with KS Promo Pack

                • For 1-4 Players
                • 60-90 minute playing time
                • Highly-Detailed Miniatures
                • Five different Bosses are looking to take over New York. Players pick one to face off against at the start of each game
                • Players pick one of the seven available Heroes to play during the game. Each one has unique gear and Activation cards they can use.



                  Create the Best Combination of Dishes to Rule the Food Court

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