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Zombicide: Invader


It’s a new age of exploration as humanity stretches out among the stars. But a truly effective and reliable energy source was still just beyond reach. That is, until Xenium was found on PK-L7. This substance, buried deep in the bowels of the planet, was set to revolutionize space travel, and humanity sent resources out to extract it.



    • Children's card game that helps develop timing and basic mathematical concepts
    • Teaches strategy, memory building, and addition
    • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Best Toy Award; Mensa 1996 Best New Mind Game Award
    • Includes 54 rat, cat, and power cards
    • For 2 to 6 players

      Catan 5th Edition

      • 3-4 Players, 60 minute playing time
      • Tons of replay value
      • New graphics, board and cards
      • Expanded Rule Book
      • Winner of "Game of the Century" award


        • A cooperative whodunit game
        • Contains rules of play and in Spanish
        • Ages 5 and up
        • Playing Time: 20 -30 minutes
        • 2 to 4 players
        • Out-of-Stock

        Zombicide: Dark Side


        . Players take on the role of members of green Squad and must fight their way through a 10-mission campaign, battling the dangerous and deadly Driller xenos along the way. Will it be humanity or the aliens that make it to the surface first?

          Facade Games

          Tortuga 1667

          SGD$44.90 SGD$40.41
          • Comes in magnetically-closing faux book box
          • 20-40 minute strategy & social deduction game for 2-9 players
          • Play as one of 9 characters from the historically-infamous Tortuga pirate island
          • Includes 75 cards, 1 rubber playing mat (disguised as a treasure map), 9 wood pawns, 8 wood treasure tokens, 1 wood explosion token, 1 cloth bag, 1 rulebook (with character biographies)
          • -10%