Battlefront Miniatures

Artillery Template (Etched)


Artillery and aircraft are not precision weapons. Their shells and bombs blanket a wide area, possibly wiping out dozens of the enemy at a time. Artillery Templates make it easy to work out who is hit, and who isn’t when you introduce these weapons into your games. The Artillery Template made out of a 6" x 6" etched acrylic.

    Skyhawk Fighter Flight


    Contains 2x A-4 Skyhawks, 2x Flight Stands, 4x Rare-earth Magnets, 1x Decal Sheet and 1x Unit Card.

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    Magach 6 Tank Platoon


    Contains 5x Plastic Magach 6 Tanks, 1x Tank Commander Sprue, 4x Units Cards and 1x Decal Sheet 

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    Kahalani's Warriors


    Contains: 3x Plastic Merkava Tanks (Including Tank Commanders), 2x Plastic Cobra Helicopters, 2x Decal Sheets, 6x Unit Cards, 1x Team Yankee Mini Rulebook.

      Range Finder


      The Range Finder was developed especially with 4th Edition Flames Of War in mind. It provides a quick reference for the range of defensive fire; command distances; movement distances and assault range.

      The Range Finder can quickly measure distances of ¾"; 2"; 4"; 6" and 8" in order to quickly navigate your forces around a Flames Of War battlefield.