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Silver Metal Cubes (set of 10)

Upgrade your Terraforming Mars game with these metal cubes.
These cubes have the heft, durability, and sense of quality that this great game deserves!

    Brick Tokens (set of 10)


    High quality resin bricks.  

    Perfect for your games with bricks and clay!
    Pieces are approximately 15mm x 10mm x 10mm.

      Iron Ingots Tokens (set of 10)


      Set of 10 heavy Steel Tokens measuring 18mm x 10mm x 8mm are a great way to make your games more impressive. Add these resources to Age of Industry, Antike, Brass, Le Havre, The Pillars of the Earth or Catan.

        Ore (set of 10)


        10 high quality, heavy bits made of metal.

        Perfect for games with ore and metal pieces.
        Each piece is roughly 18mm x 15mm x 7mm.

          Oil Drum Tokens (set of 10)


          Set of 10 resin-made blueish oil drums each measuring 16mm and 6mm in diameter are a great way to make your game more impressive with a thematic flair.

            Meat/Food Tokens (set of 10)


            Set of 10 Meat tokens that measure ~ 19mm x 15mm x 6mm are a great way to better distinguish your meat resources in games such as Caylus, Dungeon Petz, Le Havre or Robinson Crusoe.

              Single Blade Axe Tokens (set of 10)

              10 silver single blade axes that has a bloodied appearance on the edge of one side and a brown handle.
              Great for gaming tokens. 
              9.5mm wide 
              20mm long
              3mm thick

                Trash Can Tokens (set of 10)


                Set of 10 resin-made Yellow Trash Can tokens measuring apprx 5mm wide and 18mm tall gives a realistic touch to your Power Grid game.

                  Grain Tokens (set of 10)


                  Set of 10 resin-made Grain Sacks measuring 15mm in diameter and 11mm high are great for enriching the look and feel of Agricola, Carcassonne: Traders & Builders, Concordia, Frances Drake, Glass Road, Glen More, Orleans orCatan.