Star Wars: Legion

Wookie Warriors [2021] Wookie Warriors [2021]

Wookie Warriors [2021]


Add a formidable unit of powerful Wookiees to your Star Wars: Legion armies with the Wookiee Warriors Unit Expansion! This tall and commanding species boasts nearly unrivaled physical strength and ferocity, and now both the Galactic Republic and Rebel Alliance can make use of their formidable skills.

Super Tactical Droid Commander Expansion


Upgrade your tactics with the Super Tactical Droid Commander Expansion for Star Wars: Legion! An upgrade over the T-series Tactical Droid, the Separatist Alliance often calls upon these ruthless droids to serve as generals in their armies. Relying on cutthroat tactics, they will stop at nothing to accomplish their objectives.

Agent Kallus Commander Expansion Agent Kallus Commander Expansion

Agent Kallus Commander Expansion


Feared both within and without the Imperial ranks, the Imperial Security Bureau scours the galaxy for any disloyal to the Empire. Agent Kallus is one of the ISB's most effective agents, using his cunning and combat prowess to snuff out the spark of rebellion at its source.

Inferno Squad Unit Expansion

Inferno Squad Unit Expansion


Tasked with protecting the secrets of the Empire by silencing any who would reveal them, Inferno Squad is a special forces unit led by the brilliant command Iden Versio. Among the elite ranks of the Imperial special forces, Inferno Squad is particularly notorious for its unconventional tactics, but its efficacy is undeniable. 

Padmé Amidala Operative Expansion

Padmé Amidala Operative Expansion


The Galactic Senate is no place for civility. Full of politicians squabbling for their own interests rather than those of the worlds they represent, it is easy for an idealistic Senator to be cast aside. Despite this, Senator Padmé Amidala continues to fight for the principles of freedom and democracy from the floor of the Senate and—if necessary—the battlefields of the Clone Wars.

BX-series Droid Commandos Unit Expansion BX-series Droid Commandos Unit Expansion
Fantasy Flight Games

BX-series Droid Commandos Unit Expansion


BX-series droid commandos represent a major step forward from their B1 battle droid cousins. Cunning, stealthy, and deadly in close quarters, the elite commando droids are capable of laying traps and ambushes to catch their foes flat-footed before finishing them off with salvos of fire or up close and personal with their deadly vibroswords.

AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank


Blast your enemies with the superior firepower of an AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank! In addition to its anti-personnel lasers and MX-8 Artillery Laser Cannon, the AAT tank can be equipped with a range of shells that unlock even more tactical options!

Fantasy Flight Games

Cassian Andor and K-2SO


One of the Rebellion's most capable intelligence agents, Cassian Andor has dedicated his life to the cause. Capable of both leading an all-out assault or operating independently on the battlefields of Star Wars: Legion, Andor is a versatile addition to any Rebel army. 

IDEN Versio and ID10 IDEN Versio and ID10
Fantasy Flight Games

IDEN Versio and ID10

  • Deploy Iden Versio or ID10 to the battlefield as either a commander or an operative
  • Utilize their four command cards for even more tactical flexibility
  • Customize the look of Iden Versio with an assortment of head and weapon options