Rebel Alliance

Wookie Warriors [2021]


Add a formidable unit of powerful Wookiees to your Star Wars: Legion armies with the Wookiee Warriors Unit Expansion! This tall and commanding species boasts nearly unrivaled physical strength and ferocity, and now both the Galactic Republic and Rebel Alliance can make use of their formidable skills.

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Fantasy Flight Games

Cassian Andor and K-2SO


One of the Rebellion's most capable intelligence agents, Cassian Andor has dedicated his life to the cause. Capable of both leading an all-out assault or operating independently on the battlefields of Star Wars: Legion, Andor is a versatile addition to any Rebel army. 

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Fantasy Flight Games

X-34 Landspeeder

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  • A Rebel unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion
  • Contains one unpainted and easily assembled x-34 landspeeder miniature ready to zip into any battle
  • An assortment of PA cards let you equip your landspeeder with a variety of pilots, passengers, and heavy weaponry
  • Two different weapon attachments invite you to combine the appearance of your miniature with its function in battle
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Atomic Mass Games

Han Solo Commander Expansion


From his first introduction in a seedy cantina on Tatooine to his unorthodox leadership of the Rebel strike team on Endor, Han Solo is one of the most beloved heroes of the Star Wars saga. 

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Atomic Mass Games

Boba Fett Daimyo


Featuring a new version of this iconic character based on his appearance in The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett, this expansion gives players powerful new Operative that can fight alongside their mercenary and Rebel forces.