Blitzkrieg! German Heer Starter Army

Scale: 28mm - 1/56th
36 Infantry
2 Vehicles
2 Artillery Pieces/War Machines
6 Crew
Figure Head

Interchangeable heads system.

Requires Assembly

    Blitzkrieg! German Infantry


    Representing the classic image of the German infantryman during World War II, these miniatures are equipped with knee-high jackboots, unadorned ‘coalscuttle’ helmet and a martial discipline that took them to almost complete dominance of mainland Europe

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    Warlord Games

    Sd/Kfz 250/1 - Neu Halftrack


    The Sd. Kfz (abbreviation for the German word Sonderkraftfahrzeug that means special motor vehicle) 250/1 was a reconnaissance and transport vehicle mainly used by scouts and HQ units.