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If you’re interested or new to the world of Bolt Action and Historical gaming we’ve put together this bundle of essential resources especially for you!

Every day, we see more and more new players taking up Bolt Action – we receive messages from all across the globe – and we see posts on forums and Social Media sites from fresh recruits looking for advice on where to start…

Historical wargaming can be a daunting prospect for newcomers – which force should I collect? What do I need to get started? What colours should I paint my models? We’ve gathered together a bundle of essential resources which should help to break down some of the barriers, and help any new players with some of the basics!

The first place to look would be boltaction.com – a website which we specifically designed for newcomers to the game – this site breaks down all of the different stages in getting started with the game, and provides a concise starter guide!

Further Reading

To get more of a feel for the game, and for a more tactile demonstration of the core game mechanics, there are some fantastic resources online – we’d recommend taking a look at the following two…

First – The Bolt Action articles page of the Warlord Games website is your first port of call – from here, you can see the latest releases, and all of the latest articles – hobby and painting guides, historical articles, and much more…

Watch a Demo Game

Choosing an Army

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