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Tohaa Happy Days


Infinity veterans know this iconic faction very well but newer players maybe not so much…

Who are these Tohaa?

The Tohaa are an advanced alien civilization engaged in a fierce war against the Evolved Intelligence (EI) and its Combined Army which has withstood EI’s attacks longer than any other species. They excel in biotechnology, creating devastating viral weapons and resilient symbiont armors, and can enhance the intelligence of other species to fight alongside them. Desperate for allies, they see Humanity as a potential frontline defense against the Combined Army.

The Tohaa’s implacable military, known as the Tohaa Trident, operates with a unique structure based on the number three, exemplified by their combat units called Triads, each consisting of three members. Their regiments’ names are based on an ancient numerological system. The Tohaa forces are highly skilled and experienced, having fought countless battles against the EI, often without support and while being vastly outnumbered.

Discontinued but playable?

Yes, Tohaa is discontinued in our catalog and this will be the sole opportunity to purchase these miniatures, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t play with them!

The Tohaa maintain their profiles in the army builder, being fully playable.

Why is Tohaa iconic?

The Tohaa use fireteam triads and have rules of their own such as SymbioMates and pherowar tactics. Experienced players know about the Tohaa’s fondness for viral weapons, their unique play style and the unsettling effect it often has on their opponents. Now you can experience it too!

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