• Biostrip 20 PAINT REMOVER

    Biostrip 20 PAINT REMOVER

    BIOSTRIP 20 is a revolutionary paint stripper that is safe for both the user andthe environment. It is suitable for use in the home by the DIY enthusiast and also for large industrial applications as an alternative to Methylene Chloride based products. Ideal for use on most substrates including wood, metal, glass, plastic, uvpc and […]

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  • DEFENDER Miniatures Bag

    DEFENDER Miniatures Bag

    Affordable and Readily Available! GET YOURS HERE TODAY!

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  • How to use Vallejo Liquid Mask

    How to use Vallejo Liquid Mask

    Pepa Saavedra shows us how to use our Liquid Mask, a great product to protect your paintworks when you need to use other colors and avoid undesirable paint or brush stroke stains. Liquid Mask is used to reserve areas which are to remain unpainted, especially in airbrush techniques, but also with watercolors and temperas. The […]

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  • Bolt Action: US Infantry Paint Tutorial

    Bolt Action: US Infantry Paint Tutorial

    Pete The Wargamer shows us how to paint US infantry. Perfect for those starting painting. Bolt Action by Warlord Games are one of the easiest miniatures range to paint. Being historical and “non-fiction”, colours used are “real” and none of those from the bright and vibrant range.

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  • 6 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Painting.

    6 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Painting.

    Even Duncan Rhodes… just like the rest of us… had to begin somewhere! We all have to start our painting and hobby journey somewhere and more often than not we don’t know where to begin or are left to our own devices to try and figure things out. In this video we take a look […]

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  • How to Paint: Imperial Stormtroopers

    How to Paint: Imperial Stormtroopers

    Duncan Rhodes shows us how to paint Stormtroopers. Painting whites is not easy as it looks. It is not “Just White”. There are lots of shades of whites that goes in between the whole miniature!

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    Weathering the AT-ST with Mecha Weathering Washes.

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  • How to create rust effects

    How to create rust effects

    In this video José Brito shows how to reproduce accurate rust effects. By combining several paints and weathering products from vallejo colors range you will be ablve to get the most convincing and natural rust effects. All of this with fast and simple techniques. Enjoy and get ready for the fun!

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  • Water Textures

    Water Textures

    Water Textures has been formulated to reproduce the effects of water. Still Water #26.230 is perfect for pools and brooks, but can also be used as a base to provide a sense of depth. A final layer of Transparent Water #26.201 can be applied on the top of a lake filled with Still Water to […]

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  • Scenery – Diorama Products

    Scenery – Diorama Products

    Vallejo Scenery Vallejo Scenery is a range of miniature tufts which helps complement your scenes adding greater realism to the representation in your scale models, figures, wargame terrains or historic dioramas. • Vallejo Scenery contains a wide range of sizes and references.• Ready to use by simply peeling off each tuft individually and placing it […]

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