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Community Clubs and Interest Groups

Pasir Ris Elias Community Club – Bolt Action WW2 Tabletop Wargame

Tabletop wargaming is an exciting way to simulate strategic battle plans on the table. Clubs and IG groups interested in running a Tabletop Wargaming or setting up your very own Scale Model Hobby Club, our team is always ready to help support.

We provide:

  • Setup Consultation
  • Equipment and Tools
  • Wargame Club Best Practices

Everything You Need to Get Started!

Our team has various programmes and workshops to ease in members into the hobby group to help kickstart your numbers.


Catholic High School – Miniature Painting Workshop
Maris Stella Primary School – Dad’s For Life Learn to Paint
Tiong Bahru CC – Miniature Learn to Paint

One of our favourites and frequently requested programs is the ‘Learn to Paint a Miniature’ program.

We provide:

  • Terrain and Diorama Workshop
  • Scale Model Painting Workshop
  • Beginner’s Learn to Paint a Miniature Workshop

Our team will tailor each workshop according to your expected crowd and event program!


As part of our educational support programme, we have in place an Outreach Program that offers young people a chance to engage in a fun, creative and sociable hobby.

Hobbies include:

  • Role-Playing Game Clubs
    • Improve Communication Skills
    • Cooperative Play – Work together to solve problems
    • Critical Thinking and Investigative – Learn to ask the right questions
  • Tabletop Wargaming / Scale Model
    • Fine motor skills
    • Scale Miniature Painting techniques
  • Boardgames

Our team has supplied and recommended Boardgames for schools that have a Boardgame club, either as a CCA or part of a repository within their libraries. There are various games out there in the market and we will recommend accordingly based on subject matter and interest level.

Team Bonding for Companies

Scale modelling and miniature hobbying offers an exciting time for Team Bonding sessions. Usually held after company lunch, this is a perfect alternative to physical sessions such as “laser tag” or “paint ball”!

With supplies and materials provided, colleagues will be able to showcase their artistic talent and have fun while doing so.

Company Team Bonding session.

Interested? Do you want to know more?

We are always here and ready to answer any questions you may have. Do contact our team at sales@xpidemix.com

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