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Paint Commission Service

Miniature Category and Examples.AssemblyTable top Standard
(Simple Basing, Core base colour and simple shading.)
High Standard
(Extended Basing, Layering and Highlights)
Display Piece
(Diorama Basing, Modulation, Weathering)
Infantry (<20mm)– Flames of War, Team Yankee171525
Infantry (28mm)– Bolt Action, Space Marine1.57-1220-3040
Infantry (32mm-40mm)– Star Wars Legion1.512-1520-3040
Infantry Hero– Infinity, Characters220-305070
Mounted– Barc Speeders, Light Cavalry, Goblin Wolf Rider320-305070
Large Mounted– Thunderwolf Cavalry3.525-355070
Small Vehicles– 28mm Tanks, Land Speeder3355075
Large Vehicles– LAAT, ATST560100150
Small Monsters– Nolzur’s Dragons,4406090
Large Monsters– Land Raider, Crimson Hunter560100150
Super Heavy Whatever – Baneblade40160220350
Unleash the TITAN – Thunderhawk200300390500
Prices Quoted above are for general estimations. Please contact us for more details.

Please see sample works below. For more information or enquiries, please email sales@xpidemix.com

Critical and Fumbles specializes in painting fantasy miniature figures. Dragons are thier speciality. They usually start of with goblins and orcs for breakfast and are done with heroes by the time dinner is ready!

Brush: Army Painter Brushes
Paints: Vallejo, Army Painter, Scale75 and Citadel Colors.

Want to get your Infinity, Star Wars Legion or Bolt Action minis painted? Look no further… We’ve got it covered. From Anime Edge Highlighting styles to the Weathered years of the World War.

Brush: Vallejo Kolinsky Sable
Paints: Vallejo, Army Painter, Citadel Contrast and Washes.

Airbrush commission works are also available.