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How to make a muddy road with puddles using Still Water


In this tutorial we see how we can use Still Water lightly tinted with a Model Air reference, to depict
the effect of muddy water in the accumulated puddles of a country road, as well as effects of
humidity using the same resource applied with a brush.
By Chema Cabrero

The wall was painted with Model Air and Model Color, using Thinner 71.261 to blend the color over the surface. Vallejo Weathering Effects are used for the green dirt, moss, lichen texture and rain marks on the wall. The ground is painted using several Model Air colors, with Olive Green 71.007 and Green Zinc Chromate 71.094 used for the moss effect on wet terrain.

For the main puddles we will use Still Water 26.230/26.235. Still Water is a crystal-clear water based polyurethane liquid that dries transparent and is self-leveling. You can apply it in several thin layers for a more convincing result.

In this case, we add some drops of Model Air Hemp 71.023 to depict the muddy puddles. Three drops for 15ml of Still Water will be enough. Stir the mixture until it has a uniform appearance and avoid creating bubbles.

Now you can charge a pipette with the mix, depositing it in the most logical area. Nature does the rest, as the Still Water naturally flows across the surface and levels itself.

Now we can add further wet effects, working this time with Still Water mixed with Olive Green 71.007 (for a deeper green, slime effect) or Green Zinc Chromate 71.094, around stones and puddles.

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