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First Look – Epic Battles Hail Caesar


We have a quick look on the upcoming release by Warlord Games, Epic Battles Hail Caesar Punic Wars. The Punic Wars were a series of three major conflicts fought between the ancient Mediterranean powers of Rome and Carthage, spanning over a century from 264 BCE to 146 BCE.

These wars were pivotal in shaping the course of Western history, as they determined the dominance of Rome over the Mediterranean world and established it as the preeminent power of the ancient world. With roots deeply entrenched in economic rivalry, territorial ambitions, and cultural clashes, the Punic Wars are a fascinating tale of military strategy, political maneuvering, and the clash of civilizations.

While we do not have any idea on the wargame mechanics it employs until nearer to the release date sometime in July, the pictures are available for us to think about the how the modelling side is going to be.

In the same manner as pervious Epic frames… they are designed to be non-disruptive for “on the frame” prime and painting. Notice where the cutting points are… which could easily be touched up or hidden during base assembly.

Carthaginian infantry was a formidable force, characterized by its adaptability, discipline, and diverse composition, contributing significantly to the military prowess of one of the ancient world’s most formidable empires.

Carthaginian war elephants were primarily used for shock value and disruption. They were trained to charge into enemy formations, breaking their lines and creating chaos. The sheer size and strength of the elephants, combined with their trumpeting and stomping, could terrify even the most disciplined of soldiers.

We look forward to more updates nearer to the release dates.

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