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NEMESIS…The terror couldn’t get any worse right…


Firstly the backstory for Nemesis (which you would already know… and that’s why you are here…). ALIENS.

Now that you are up to speed… and perhaps this review of ours couldn’t be much sooner.”..Nemesis: Lockdown” is a standalone expansion. Which means… you can start the game here… but really you should start from NEMESIS. Build the narative campaign. You were already compromised the spaceship… and now it crashed landed at “MARS”. Now the outpost is in LOCKDOWN! It really builds upon the tense, thematic gameplay of the original!

One of the few games to really invoke the tense and fears when rolling the dice…

Nalsa Freddie of Planet Mercury
So apparently, player is ready to enter the ISOLATION room… which requires a Noise Check or Roll for Noise or… what the hell man… this is the 3rd time i am tyring to enter this god forsaken place….

Players find themselves on a MARS base instead of a spaceship, dealing with a similar alien menace. The game retains many of the core mechanics from the original, such as hidden objectives, traitors, and the looming threat of the aliens themselves. However, it introduces new elements and challenges, including a modular board representing the moon base, unique character abilities, and new alien adversaries to contend with.

One of the standout features of “Nemesis: Lockdown” is its focus on narrative and emergent storytelling….SCREW IT… let me list a few things that might ruin your perfectly good physique.

  1. NO POWER… the power generators will give way either by the time track (predictable, you can see it coming) or the GAME EVENTS decides that you should die today.
  2. FORCED to GO OUT… You could be playing the map with the Surface. And the ROVER location is not in your favour.
  3. WHEN YOU ARE OUT ON THE SURFACE… Surface Events cards decides its time they test your mettle.
  4. CONTIGENCY PLANS… just because the game needs to screw you one last time… even when you win.

Also, there are new characters with thier own abilites which are interesting. This is almost normal for every other board game… but the characters in thier “semi-CO-OP” descriptor is really scary funny.

For those FOMO peeps… too bad… KS Promo character. I think. I would have played and killed this guy already.

This is a highly replayable game. There are other alien spieces to take on with different ways on how they affect you. Core objective is the same… to escape alive while …. everyone else is dead… or player 2 is dead… things like that. But its the journey thats interesting… the after game laughters and celebrations is not about who WON… (which is rare by the way)… its the in betweens and the almost running of luck… at the precipice of defeat when you realize you had a “reagent” to make the Alien retreat… ONLY to actually find out that… you CANNOT use it because you are not Knowledge 5!

Have FUN and Keep Rolling for NOISE!

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