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Reload AP Round… FIRE!


Many of you have served previous tours on the Bolt Action and Tank War battlefields, and you’ll no doubt be wondering whether you can put that experience to use here. Now hear this: this is a war unlike any you’ve fought before! Bolt Action is a game of hard-fought infantry actions with limited armoured support, and the Tank War supplement takes the framework of Bolt Action and adapts it to tank-on-tank fighting while maintaining the quick simplicity of the parent game. Achtung Panzer! is entirely its own beast, diving deep into the nuts and bolts of Second World War armoured combat to provide a far more in-depth gaming experience, putting you in the commander’s seat (with the best view in the house)! With a particular focus on the abilities of your crews and the performance of individual tanks, guns, and shells, it’s all about the tanks and tankers here – so leave that footslogger know-how at the door! Bolt Action and Tank War aren’t going anywhere, but this new warfront is sure to see the best armoured commanders deployed – that’s where you come in.

In a nutshell… Achtung Panzer uses

  1. dice rolls made with D6,
  2. measurements are in inches,
  3. line-of-sight to a target in order to shoot it –
  4. There are, however, a number of cards and tokens involved!

Each tank has its own card. Fnd all of the vital statistics needed to play, and spaces for the various tokens denoting things like ammunition, crew skill level, and the like – this allows you to see at a glance the status of all the vehicles in your platoon, giving you all the information you need to make vital tactical decisions!

Thats all Tankers… look out for our Learn to Play Achtung Panzer around the corner!

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