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Shooting With the Wirbelwind

One of several anti-aircraft vehicles to utilise the reliable and ubiquitous Pz IV chassis, the Wirbelwind (Whirlwind) mounted a quad-barreled Flakvierling 38 on an open-topped...

Reload AP Round… FIRE!

Many of you have served previous tours on the Bolt Action and Tank War battlefields, and you’ll no doubt be wondering whether you can...

Bolt Action 3rd Edition

Written by renowned games designer (and veteran of previous editions) Alessio Cavatore, Bolt Action: Third Edition features a whole host of revised and updated...

Sd.Kfz 222 Armoured Car

The Sd.Kfz 222 was one of the most commonly used armoured cars operated by the German military during WWII. The vehicle was designed to...

Operation Critical Hit: A Global WWII Campaign

This AUGUST, join in the global action as part of Operation Critical Hit, a five-week worldwide campaign for Bolt Action, Blood Red Skies, and Victory...

Radio Network and Crew Rules in Tank War 20th May 2023...

We are including these rules (found in Tank War rule book pg 26) in the upcoming Tank War tournament. We have modified and simplified...

Bolt Action Tournament Details

As we apporach D-Day, here are the details of the missions and general table layout. The games are standard 6 rounds with NO extended...

Close Quarters! Assaults in Bolt Action

Copied Word for Word from https://warlord-community.warlordgames.com/close-quarters-assaults-in-bolt-action/ Written by Marcus Vine. We enjoyed this article and thought it might be helpful to our players. Visit...

Combined Arms – All hands on deck!

Bolt Action – Combined Arms is a strategic board game that commands the players to face off, seize the initiative and outwit their foe amidst the...

Getting Started with Bolt Action

Thinking of starting a WW2 Tabletop wargaming for the first time? Are you pondering what to work on next? Bolt Action is perfect to...

Mariana & Palau Islands Campaign: What’s in the Book?

The Mariana and Palau Islands campaign supplement for Bolt Action allows players to recreate the historic island-hopping battles between US and Imperial Japanese forces...

Bolt Action Island Assault!

The battles of World War Two ravaged the entire world. Where the Band of Brothers starter set is very much concerned with the European...