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Bolt Action Tournament Details


As we apporach D-Day, here are the details of the missions and general table layout. The games are standard 6 rounds with NO extended rounds. Play time per mission is 3 hours.

Western Europe Table

Our scout planes have pinpointed the enemy company HQ. Your Objectives is to reach the enemy postion and destroy it with explosives your men have been issues with. Strong enemy resistance is to be expected, so you must attack in force, but do leave a portion of your force behind in order to defend our own artilley emplacement.


Each side will be given a round objective marker which they will place within the deployment zone and at least 3 inches away from thier table edge. 1 Charge (represented by a token) is given to your 3 mandatory platoon requirement (1 officer and 2 infantry squad).


Destroy the enemy objective marker with the charges supplied.

The attempt to blow up the objective is checked during the end of a round. The squad(s) involved in blowing up the must be in base contact with the objective. Spend the token and Roll a Dice to see if the attempt is successful. If they were involve in a FIRE , RUN or ADVANCE move during that round, a roll of 6 is needed for a success. If they started the round in base contact with the objective and no other action was given except for DOWN. RALLY or AMBUSH (without FIRE), rolls or 4,5 or 6 is needed for a success.

If they fail to blow up using the charge, the charge token is removed.

Charge Tokens are transferable between Infantry Units (not armor or vehicles) that are within 1 inch of each other. Transfering of charges (giving or receiving) is a free move done anytime within the activation of that unit.

Terrain (Western Europe)

Recon shows sporadic houses acrosss an urban landscaped. Expect bocages, road networks and open fields with varing degrees of cover.


Killed Units (Infantry, teams, support or vehicles)2
Objective Destroyed (Win Condition)6
Killed Officer(s)3

Pacific Table

Both sides have captured intel, assigned to a single unit. They must make a run for it to the other edge and escape! Make a run for it in this double envelopment scenario while keeping your priority unit alive throughout. Make sure HQ gets the intel!

Terrain (Pacific)

Possible Waterbody amongst sporadic build up areas. Road network is uncertain. Forest cover is minimal due to rural presence. Open fields and farm lands.


Each side will nominate a unit secretly to carry the information over to the other side. This role is not transferable. This role can be ANY unit. The Tournament Organizer will record down the selection and keep it hidden. NO FLANKING MOVE is allowed.


The unit with the assigned role have to CROSS the enemy’s table edge. If the unit is killed in action, there is no need to declare that information until end of game.


Killed Units (Infantry, teams, support or vehicles)2
Unit carrying secret information crossing the enemy edge (Win Condition)6
Killed Officer(s)2
Other units crossing enemy edge1

Eastern Europe Table


The 1st round deployment zone is as shown above. This is a rolling in deployment… meaning you come into the map at turn 1 with your activation. You may fire or advance when you come in. When coming in, you MUST end your turn IN your deployment zone. This is also true for units in reserve which are coming in at later rounds. However, units that are declared as flanking CAN ONLY come in at ROUND 3 at your NEAREST NEUTRAL corner OR ROUND 4 at the OPPOSING NEUTRAL corner. They will still follow the checks to come in and will still need to declare before game start at which corners the flanking unit is coming in from.


Its a rush to the control the objective. It so happened that HQ at both sides determined that the locations (objective) are of strategic importance. There are 5 objectives on the map. 4 of the locations (black flags), when controlled at the end of round 6 … will be granted 2 points. The central objective which is green in color, will be worth 4 points. Whoever is controling the objectives with the highest accumulated points will win.

Control of objective has the following condition,

  1. No enemy within 3 inchs away
  2. Not suffering more then 2 pins
  3. Must be an Infantry Unit
  4. Must not be controlling another objective


Killed Officer(s) 2
Control Black Objectives (each)2
Control Green Objective4

Have Fun and Good Luck for the tournament. Be sure to send in your list for validation during tournament day. Any questions , please do not hesitate to contact me.

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