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Flames of War Campaign 2022 Winter


A 6 week casual campaign for flames of War players across Singapore. Play at Either Blitzminis or Battle Quarters @ Xpidemix and score points for either Axis or Allied powers in 2 different theatres!


Phase 1: 01 DEC – 18 DEC 2022
Phase 2: 19 DEC 2022  – 09 JAN 2022

Force Building Requirements:

No forces, black box support or formation support from other books are allowed. Lists can only be built from a single book.

No allied forces are allowed.

Up to ONE Command card can be used in force building. This card may either be a TITLE card or a WARRIOR card only. 

Pointages should be agreed between players, but the default should be 105pts per side.

Books Allowed:


Bulge American
Bulge British
Bagration Soviet


Bulge German
Bagration Axis Allies

Player allegiance and army lists

Players vouch for either AXIS or ALLIES at the start of each phase of the campaign. Thereafter they may change forces as they wish according to the forces allowed in each side every game.

Players will play for the same side at either shop location. 

To sign up, please speak to the store staff in their respective Whatsapp chats.


BLITZMINIS: Operation Market garden (US/UK vs Germany, SEP 1944)

Venue: 115a commonwealth drive 03-03/4 Singapore 159496

BATTLE QUARTERS @ XPIDEMIX: Lorraine Campaign (US vs Germany, SEP-DEC 1944) 

Venue: 63 E Coast Rd, #01-03, Singapore 428773


For the duration of the campaign, players are free to challenge each other at either shop. Do take note that points scored at the respective shops will go to their corresponding theatres. There is no limit on the number of games played by a player per phase. However, repeat matches between players in the same phase will not count towards the final score for the theatre.

Missions and Special missions

Players may choose to either play missions from the EXTENDED BATTLE PLANS or play a specific narrative mission for the corresponding theatre every phase. 

Narrative missions represent specific historical actions taken by the forces during the campaigns and playing them not only allows for a more immersive experience, but also awards extra points (see below) towards the campaign score. 

Narrative missions table:

Phase 1

Market Garden:


Any British glider/parachute force OR US glider/parachute force

Any German force

Lorraine (Battle of Arracourt):


Any German Panzer brigade force (must have at least 60% of points in PANZER BRIGADE Tanks)

Any German Volksgrenadier formation (must have at least 50% of points in PANZER BRIGADE Tanks)

Any USA Tank company force (must have at least 60% of points in tanks)

Any USA infantry company force (must have at least 60% of points in tanks)

Phase 2

Market Garden (Battle of Arnhem)

OUTFLANKED (AXIS Attacker, Allies defender)

Any British glider/parachute force, Col Frost, any Polish forces (Must have at least 60% of points in Parachute/glider toops)

Any German SS Tank company, Kampgrupper Grabner (must have at least 60% of points in SS Tanks)

Lorraine (Battle of Nancy)

ENCIRCLEMENT (Allies Attacker, Axis Defender)

Any USA Tank company force

Any USA infantry company force

Any German grenadier, Panzergrenadier or Volksgrenadier force (At least 60% of points in infantry or gun teams)

Points scoring

Any points scored for games played will go towards the campaign score of the respective shops in which the match occurred. The scores will be tallied on the last day of each phase and player scores will be collected from both stores to be tallied before the next round begins. Players should report to the respective store staff to record their match tallies.

Each criteria can be achieved ONCE per phase unless otherwise specified

Played a game:1 Point
Played 3 games with different opponents:1 Point
Won a game:1 Point
up to 3 times a phase
Played a narrative mission:1 Point
up to 3 times a phase
Played a game with a historical force (any normal mission with forces as specified in the narrative missions table): 1 Point
Painted a model (Post to FOW FB page):1 Point
Shared a battle report to the FOW FB page:1 Point

Awards and Prizes

Best general (highest points overall):Any 2 Platoon boxes up to $70 in value ea 
Best 2IC (2nd highest points overall) :Any Platoon box up to $70 in value
Store champion (Highest points at any single store -2 awards): FOW Dice tin of choice
Best painter (Nominated by both store managers):Any Scale 75 paint set
Best war reporter (most likes and comments on FOW FB page): Any Flames of war book of choice
Wooden spoon award (lowest points overall):A wooden spoon