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A rock climbing-themed strategic board game for 2-5 players

First Ascent is a medium-weight, rock climbing-themed strategic board game. Acquire gear and hone your skills to climb the best route up the mountain and become the most skilled climber!

Choose a character: Choose one of 10 characters to play, each with a unique ability! 

Climb Pitches: The board is made up of hex tiles, called “pitches.” Each pitch is worth a number of points and has specific requirements in order to climb it. Use the skill and gear cards you’ve accumulated, and deplete your water and psych to climb a pitch:

Think on your feet: After climbing, draw a Climbing Card to see what happened on the route! Climbing cards give you choices that involve managing resources, manipulating the board, and taking or giving assets to other players.

Achieve Objectives: Plan your route to climb pitches that achieve objectives. These objectives add to your score at the end of the game!

Build skills: Over the course of the game, you’ll progress as a climber, and be able to climb difficult pitches more easily. You can earn gear and skill tokens, which can be used instead of cards on subsequent pitches. 

Improve your technique: Earn extra points by playing cards with matching technique symbols! 

Use all of your rope to end the game: The game ends when one player uses all of their rope and has climbed their eighth pitch. So it’s not a race to the top—it’s about optimizing your route to gain as many points as possible. Climbers add up their score from pitches, objectives, and techniques to see who wins! 

First Ascent is a Kickstarter game and the expected arrival date is August 2022.

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