• LEGION October Releases

    LEGION October Releases

    Take command of your Separatist forces with the Super TacticalDroid and IG-100 MagnaGuard Expansions for Star Wars: Legion! Recreate the assault on the shores of Kashyyyk with the RaddaughGnasp Fluttercraft and DSD1 Dwarf Spider Droid Expansions forStar Wars: Legion!

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  • Spreading War

    Spreading War

    Announcing a New Expansion for The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth “These are the Rohirrim, as we name them, masters of horses, and we ceded to them the fields of Calenardhon that are since called Rohan; for that province had long been sparsely peopled. And they became our allies, and have ever proved […]

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  • Unfathomable


    A New Board Game from the Arkham Horror Files Universe The year is 1913. The steamship SS Atlantica is two days out from port on its voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. Its unsuspecting passengers fully anticipated a calm journey to Boston, Massachusetts, with nothing out of the ordinary to look forward to. However, strange nightmares plague the […]

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  • Fallout: The Board Game

    Fallout: The Board Game

    Fallout is a post-nuclear adventure board game for one to four players. Based on the hit video game series by Bethesda Softworks, each Fallout scenario is inspired by a familiar story from the franchise. Survivors begin the game on the edge of an unexplored landscape, uncertain of what awaits them in this unfamiliar world. With just one objective to […]

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  • Patrolling the Skies

    Patrolling the Skies

    Searchlights patrol the night sky, seeking signs of the enemy amongst the shifting landscape of war.  Searchlights patrol the night sky, seeking signs of the enemy amongst the shifting landscape of war. For such a task, the LAAT/le Patrol Transport is the oft-utilized asset of the Galactic Republic, and later the forces of the Empire, […]

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  • The Expedition Team

    The Expedition Team

    Pre-order your own copy of Path of the Serpent at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping in the continental U.S. today! Daniela swore as the smooth handle of the machete slipped in her sweat-covered hand and the blade got tangled in the vines. “You didn’t tell me the jungle would fight back […]

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  • An Armored Advance

    An Armored Advance

    Order your own copy of the A-A5 Speeder Truck Unit Expansion at your local retailer or online with free shipping in the continental U.S. through our website today! Getting troops safely to the front lines is vital in times of war and armored transports are the ubiquitous vehicle assigned to the task. For the Rebel Alliance, the […]

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  • New and Improved

    New and Improved

    “With these new battle droids we built for you, you’ll have the finest army in the galaxy.” –Wat Tambor: Star Wars: Attack of the Clones The droid foundries on Geonosis are the heart of the Separatist war machine, producing a seemingly never-ending supply of droids to fight on the many fronts of the Clone Wars. While […]

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