Marvel Crisis Protocol

Marvel Crisis Protocol: Captain America & War Machine


Rogers chose Sam Wilson, one of his closest and most trusted allies, to take up the shield in his place. As Tony Stark's personal pilot and closest friend, Rhodes wears the Variable Threat Response Battle Suit, a suit of armor equipped with a variety of armaments including shoulder-mounted cannons, missile launchers, particle beams, repulsors, and more.

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    Marvel Crisis Protocol: Omega Red


    Soviet-era experiments intending to create a super-soldier on par with Captain America resulted in the creation of Omega Red. Once the Russian criminal Arkady Gregorivich Rossovich, Omega Red is the product of extensive and invasive experiments that transformed him into a dangerous weapon.

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    Marvel Crisis Protocol: Green Goblin


    When industrialist Norman Osborn injected himself with his experimental Goblin Formula, it granted him incredible strength, speed, and resilience but fractured his mind, turning him into the cackling, psychotic terror known as the Green Goblin.

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    Marvel Crisis Protocol - Ant-Man and Wasp

    • This pack introduces Fan-Favorites Ant-Man and Wasp to Marvel: Crisis Protocol.
    • Includes rules and miniatures for both a standard-scale as well as “tiny” versions of the characters.
    • These two characters make great additions to the Avengers Affiliation.
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