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Bolt Action Campaign Italy: Soft Underbelly


Bolt Action Campaign Italy: Soft Underbelly With the Axis Powers ejected from North Africa, the Western Allies look to take the fight to the “soft underbelly” of Europe – Italy.  With new units, theatre selectors and scenarios for players of British (Commonwealth), United States, German and, of course, Italian Armies, this is an essential and fascinating new Campaign Volume. When pre-ordering this Campaign book, you’ll receive a special edition miniature not available anywhere else – Major General Enrico Francisci.

Warlord Games will be replacing thier existing range for the Italian Army entirely. They have given great service over the years but will soon be retired to the rear and fresh troops will be sent to the front in their place! The core support teams such as Breda LMGs, medium mortars and the like will be replaced by all-new sculpts up to the high standards of our new plastic figures and they will be joined by several new units such as the Guastatori assault engineers, San Marco Marines and Eritrean Colonial troops. So Don’t delay – get a head start on the first wave of reinforcement right now!

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