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Epic battles in war-torn 17th Century Europe


Recreate battles from the 16th and 17th centuries, a time when pike and musket were the dominant weapons on the battlefield. Players command armies of miniature soldiers and must make strategic decisions to defeat their opponents.

Though fundamentally Pike & Shotte Epic Battles has the same mechanical framework as its 28mm cousin, the new rulebook (found within the Push of Pike starter set) includes within its pages a number of changes that really allow a gamer to practically play games on a truly grand scale. With Pike & Shotte Epic Battles you can finally recreate those sweeping cavalry charges, daring flank marches and finely coordinated assaults on a relatively small tabletop footprint.

Epic Pike and Shotte covers the English Civil Wars and Thirty Years War, unlike the original Pike & Shotte book which covered all of 1500-1700. This allows real focus on the battles, commanders and fighting men of the campaigns that ravaged Europe in the 17th century.

Infantry & Cavalry Boxed Sets

Warlord will be releasing separate boxes of Infantry and Cavalry as part of the first wave, so that you can expand your forces right off the bat.

The Infantry Battalia box gives you three sprues and thus three regiments of combined pikemen and musketeers, the perfect foundation for any army. Each sprue contains 80 miniatures, split evenly between pikemen and musketeers; this includes ten individually-modelled front-rank pikemen with their 16-foot weapons at ‘porte’, backed by their fellows with shouldered arms and a command stand with captain, drummer, and a pair of flag-waving ensigns. On either flank of the regiment are the matchlock-armed shotte, the principal offensive arm of the period.

There are two Infantry Battalia boxed sets – the difference is in the flags! The English Civil Wars set features a flag sheet for both Royalists and Parliamentarians, while the Thirty Years’ War has the corresponding banners for the Imperialists and Protestant Alliance – whichever conflict you prefer, we’ve got you covered!

MDF Scenery Sets

Rounding out the first wave of releases are a pair of scenery packs to decorate your gaming tables – the Thatched Hamlet, and the Village. Ideal for both the Thirty Years’ War and English Civil Wars (and even beyond into the Black Powder: Epic Battles era for those so inclined!), these kits make the perfect objectives to fight over. With the wars of the 17th century sweeping across Europe and the British Isles, no town, city, or hamlet was safe from the marauding (and hungry!) armies of the time, and forces would often clash over any available supplies or shelter!

Raise the Royal Standard! Rally your troops! Pike & Shotte: Epic Battles is coming!

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