• Unleash the Kraken

    Unleash the Kraken

    “A lion may be fierce enough on land, but at sea the kraken rules supreme.” – Victarion Greyjoy When fielding a Greyjoy army, players can expect themes of raw combat potential… Assuming you keep up the offense! While devastating if they get in the first strikes and keep their battlefield momentum going, if Greyjoys begin […]

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  • Ankh: Gods of Egypt

    Ankh: Gods of Egypt

    Only devotion can sustain you for eternity.

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  • Will You Survive the Night?

    Will You Survive the Night?

    66miniatures 6Romero Mode Survivors 6Zombicide Mode Survivors 54Ghouls 111mini-cards 65Equipment Cards 46Ghoul Cards 6Game Tiles 6Survivor Dashboards 6Survivor ID Cards 12Survivor Colored Bases 6Dice 48Trackers 24Tokens Two Survivor Modes Survivors will switch back and forth between Zombicide Mode and Romero Mode, showing how they become more confident over time, then shrink back again when a […]

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