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Will You Survive the Night?

Night of the Living Dead
  • 66miniatures
  • 6Romero Mode Survivors
  • 6Zombicide Mode Survivors
  • 54Ghouls
  • 111mini-cards
  • 65Equipment Cards
  • 46Ghoul Cards
  • 6Game Tiles
  • 6Survivor Dashboards
  • 6Survivor ID Cards
  • 12Survivor Colored Bases
  • 6Dice
  • 48Trackers
  • 24Tokens
    Highly-Detailed Miniature Figures
    Two Survivor Modes
    Two Survivor Modes
    Survivors will switch back and forth between Zombicide Mode and Romero Mode, showing how they become more confident over time, then shrink back again when a former friend is seen among the undead masses.
    Many Scenarios
    Many Scenarios
    Players will progress through the different scenarios using the modular game tiles. Scenarios attempt to bring the scenes and actions of the classic horror movie to player’s tabletops, letting them see how they’d respond when put into this nightmare scenario.
    Highly-Detailed Miniature Figures
    Each Survivor and Ghoul in the game is represented on the table by highly-detailed miniature a figure, depicting the survivors from George A. Romero’s movie and many of the undead ghouls that they must fight.

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