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Stranger Things: Upside Down


Kids of Hawkins work together to stop the evils from the Upside Down! Stranger Things: Upside Down will be released in 2023 directly to retail. 

Check out those COOL MINIS!

Stranger Things: Upside Down is a board game based on the Stranger Things television series.

Hawkins, Indiana seems like an average town. However, underneath the exterior lurks a secret. The Hawkins National Laboratory has been doing experiments that have unleashed the horrors of the Upside Down. It’s up to the kids in the town to save it.

In Stranger Things: Upside Down, players take on the role of the kids of Hawkins who are trying to stop the operatives of the Hawkins National Laboratory and the evils from the Upside Down. Players must work together to clear stacks of tokens before time runs out. The game offers two seasons of play.

Players will choose up to 4 characters from a total of 6 playable characters, with players moving to different locations to complete specific actions. Each location has chips attached to them with a hidden value – the core mechanic of the game involves playing cards to beat the secret total of a location. Playable characters include Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Joyce, Hopper, and Jonathan, with Eleven also included as a shared character that players can spend actions to assist. Other characters from the series, like Barb, Steve, or Max, are allies that grant players extra abilities or benefits.

Like most other CMON games, Stranger Things: Upside Down will come with a set of miniatures. All six playable characters have miniatures, along with Eleven, the Demogorgon, and a pair of Demidogs. 

As fans of Stranger Things (who isn’t) , we are looking forward to this game coming later this year!

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