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Crossroads of Heroes


Experience the journey of a wuxia martial artist in this 2–5 player strategy board game. Will you become a Hero or Evil Scum?

Crossroads of Heroes is a strategic board game designed for 2-5 players and it takes approximately 45-90 minutes to play.

You start the game as a virtuous martial arts hero/ heroine and your goal is to win renown in the Jianghu to ultimately become the Grand Master of Wulin.
In this basic core game, there are five characters for you to choose fromeach a member from one of the five most respected sects of Wulin.

The five sects are Emei (峨嵋), Shaolin (少林), Beggar (丐幫), Wudang (武當) and Kunlun (崑崙).

Each character will have his/ her own set of character abilities, sect special items, fighting techniques and signature technique based on a distinctive sect philosophy and can play quite differently from the rest.

Renown is earned from winning duels, exploring the Jianghu or employing the various stratagems that are available to you in the game.

Players who opt for a treacherous type of play may choose to turn evil and then take on a dark path to victory. They will no longer be in contention to become the next Grand Master of Wulin. Instead, they must rely on their own evil scheme and murderous plot to win the game. They would become the hated evil scum of the Jianghu!

Turning evil will not only change your appearance, your special ability and base wugong will be altered as well!

The journey to heroic greatness has been prepared for you, only now you must choose your own path…

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What is included

  • 1 x [Crossroads of Heroes] Base Game
  • 1 x [Evil Sect] Expansion (Packed Within the base game)

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