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ELEVEN – Football Manager

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Build the team of your dreams!

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Train players and hire office staffBuild the team of your dreams by hiring young players and experienced veterans. Add valuable staff: doctors, fitness trainers, HR managers, and many more to bring valuable bonus abilities and extra actions.Attract sponsors and develop your stadiumBring sponsors to secure steady income and unique bonuses. Choose between one-time deals, banner ads, and a sponsored logo on your team’s jerseys. Equip your stadium with lighting, training grounds, additional seating, and more.Play matches and climb the league tableEvery week ends with a match. Read the insider info about your opponents and assign your players to the sectors of the field, taking advantage of their attack and defense abilities. The result of the match gives teams points on the league table.
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A football manager game simulating the business of sports.

Exciting match resolution mechanics

Scoring goals isn’t the only thing that matters. The consequences of the match determine how well your team does in future contests. After the match you’ll find out if your players were injured and how well other teams in the league are doing.

Countless strategy paths

With over 270 cards representing players, directors, staff, sponsors, opponents, tactics, and goals, no game will be the same. Explore various strategies, aiming at winning matches, developing the stadium, transferring players, and more.

6 solo scenarios

Eleven offers a robust solo mode. Its 6 scenarios will challenge you with different starting situations, such as managing a club in crisis, dealing with a team lacking young players, or completing the stadium before a deadline.


  • 1 League table board and 4 Match boards
  • 4 Stadium boards and 4 Club boards
  • 274 cards (player, tactic, objective, director, staff, sponsor, board meeting, opponent cards)
  • 129 wooden markers
  • 196 tokens
  • 7 six-sided dice & 1 twelve-sided die
  • 6 solo scenarios
  • 1 score sheets notebook and rulebook
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