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The Witcher: Old World board game is set years before Geralt. You’ll choose between five Witcher schools – Wolf, Cat, Viper, Bear, or Griffin – each bringing a distinct combat flavour and advantages (trainees of the Griffin school are adept at magic, for example, while of the Viper school can inflict poisonous damage on enemies). Players then travel across the game’s map, completing quests and encountering monsters.

Time your exploits properly and beef up your cards before taking on any monsters. But even so… there are risks. The first player to acquire 4-6 trophies, with the number being set at the start of play, wins the game instantly. You can obtain trophies by killing monsters, instigating and winning chaotic tavern brawls against another witcher, training attributes to their highest level, and resolving certain quests throughout their adventure.

Mages Expansion

It includes 5 new characters – mages. Each has a unique miniature, a full set of components that include an individual deck and a player board with an individual specialty. With that expansion, you have 12 characters to choose from, and that’s not all. Mages get a Board extension and a full deck of Action Cards. So mages and witchers can compete in the Old World, but they train and fight in their own style.

Legendary Hunt Expansion

It includes 7 huge miniatures, 7 monster Cards with other special tokens, and Cards. With that expansion there is a big monster moving through the Continent, sawing terror and destruction. Witchers train, hunt monsters, and strive to prepare for a final enemy. Killing a Legendary Monster is the only way to win the game.

Skellige Expansion

You get a sizable Board extension with all-new locations and location tokens. Your map gets bigger and more interesting. There is a special way to travel to the Islands by using Ship miniatures, and each travel always comes with a new, sea adventure. There Is a special Deck of Exploration and Event Cards just for that Expansion, and some of them may result in Dagon, an ancient monster, being summoned.

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