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GKR: Heavy Hitters is a customizable tabletop game for 1-4 players, combining high-quality collectibles with dice-rolling, deck-building and tactical play!  Pilot your Heavy Hitter (the biggest, baddest robot on the board) and a squad of three Support Units through the ruins of an old city, competing to either wipe your opponent off the map or reduce four skyscrapers to rubble!


  • A unique hex-based tabletop gameplay experience
  • High-quality robot collectibles designed by the artists of Weta Workshop
  • Over 300 cards featuring unique artwork
  • Five distinct phases of play
  • Two ways to win!

Choose Your Faction

king wolfThunderhappyHammerstrikeDiamondback Industries
King Wolf IncorporatedAt King Wolf, we believe in diversity. That’s why you’ll find our name pretty much everywhere. Cold fusion engines. Semi-sentient software. Event that chair you sit on. We won’t stop until we have every market cornered.ThunderHappy PharmaceuticalsNeed some pep in your step? At ThunderHappy Pharmaceuticals, we understand that the whole is greater than its parts. Our products will help you join the herd and feel good about yourself again! It’s like the apocalypse never happened!Hammerstrike AMGSick of forests and glaciers blocking your view? Wouldn’t you like a nice shiny shopping mall to look at instead? Where unseemly natural landforms block the construction of refined man-made buildings, we will literally pave the way to a solution.Diamondback IndustriesResearch shows that only 60% of the world’s natural resources are generating profit. At Diamondback Industries, we act for the 40%. We won’t rest until it’s 100%! You can trust us to turn those valuable resources into commodities you’ll be proud of.

Game Play

Deploy cardsgkr movementgkr combat phaseTagging phase
Deploy PhaseThis is your chance to deploy your Support Units to the field. The Combat, Repair and Recon Units come with attack and defence capabilities unique to your Faction.Movement PhaseNext, move your Heavy Hitter and Support Units into a tactical position on the battlefield.Combat PhaseTime for the smackdown! In the Combat Phase, Factions attack and defend against each other with the roll of the dice. Rather than turn-based order, weapon speed determines who strikes first.Tagging PhaseThis is your chance to assert advertising dominance on the battlefield. Place four Tags on a building and you demolish that Building. Demolish four Buildings, and you win the game!
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