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Wolfenstein Board Game Update


Archon Studio have decided to stick with their partners in China. The current delivery date for this project is now November 2021, and as mentioned, that’s due to transport and transit capacity. We will keep you all in the loop if they can get this brought forward.

Report from the Front!

Once again, we’ve got special intel for you on all the new developments from the lines. And it’s a lot of intel! Dashboard, doors, Dice Dower, new models – all ready! 

The dashboard is a real command center for your Hero. It’s designed to organize your space and make cards easier to locate. Thanks to it, everything you need – weapons, items, ammunition is clearly displayed and easily accessible! 

The doors are now using a mechanism that is a little bit different than the original idea. We think it’s a huge improvement and it will still fit the terrain, board, and models better in an immersive setting. 

Feast your eyes on these beauties!

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