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Brick and Mortar Kickstarter Edition


Manipulate the market & undercut your opponents to maximize profits from your stores!

Brick & Mortar is a competitive economic game of narrow margins, quirky stores, and strategic market manipulation. Two to four players assume the role of store owners seeking to expand their reach into a variety of markets. Over multiple rounds, they try to maximize profits, build equity, and undercut the competition—all while dealing with a market that can change at the whim of their opponents.

Each round, you’ll simultaneously determine the market, speculate on goods, sell what you can, invest in victory points, and manage your storefronts. Each new store in your building provides unique benefits and restrictions. In the end, the player with the greatest investment in both stores and points wins!

Stretch Goals are mostly component upgrades from the main game which make the game more beautiful!
The Game Layout

As you add stores to your building, you’ll create a bustling scene while you gain a variety of thematic bonuses.

Each round, you’ll play cards that determine which goods are available to stock your stores and how many of each you’ll be able to sell.

Choose whether each card affects supply or demand

However, these cards get pooled together, so any cards you play may help your opponents stock and sell items as well!

You’ll bid to buy and sell goods. Bid lower to sell first. Bid higher to earn more money.

When selling, the quantity is binding. If the demand cards fill up before you can sell, you’ll lose your surplus goods!

Most games last 7 or 8 rounds. It is possible to rush the game or draw it out depending on your strategies. Experienced players can finish a game in 60-90 minutes. Newer players might take closer to 2 hours.

Each round, you’ll do the following: 

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