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Reel in the most lucrative fish in the river.


Freshwater Fly is a dice drafting game combined with a push your luck mechanism. On each turn, players have three choices 1) Cast 2) Reel 3) Increase finesse. The objective of the game is to score the most points by catching trout and salmonoid species from the river and collecting bonuses. Players will need to be as efficient as possible with each of their actions to succeed in the game. Careful planning and strategy are key to maximizing your catch.

Here are some Freshwater Fly fishing basics:

Dice Action: Cast – It’s all about hooking the right fish with the right fly at the right time. Select a die to cast to the best landing spot in the river, usually upstream from your target fish. Earn one Strike card immediately when your fly matches one Hatch token in the same column as your cast, but earn two Strike cards per match when you drift downstream. When the jumping fish is revealed from the Strike card deck, you hook a fish, but will it be the one you aimed for?  

The Casting token is placed and drifts downstream. One Strike card is gained in the first column for the matching yellow Hatch token. Two more are gained in the third column, but only one is needed because the jumping fish is revealed.

Dice Action: Reel – Reel swiftly, but also reel carefully. Select a die to advance your reel to powerful actions spaces. Every circuit of the reel will bring your fish one step closer, but the technique you use is equally important to the speed you spin. Applying drag, for instance, will tame the strongest beasts, while gaining the right Momentum tile can set-you-up perfectly for your next turn. Will you be able to strike the right balance between progress and purpose? 

The reel is moved two spaces to the Momentum action. A Momentum tile is gained and immediately activated to apply drag and increase finesse.

Dice Action: Finesse +2 – Sometimes you need to re-adjust to gain a better casting angle, or calibrate to the behavior of your fish. Boost your Finesse to experience better results from your other actions.

Bonus Actions: Don’t underestimate the following bonus actions, which can maximize your performance and give you the lead:

1. Finesse Actions: Used freely on your turn to gain extra Strike cards, modify dice values, move Hatch tokens, change your Fly or apply Drag. Keep your Finesse charged for best results!

2. Momentum Actions: Gained when your reel lands on the Momentum tile space. Take a tile and use it right away or wait until the opportune moment. These are among the most powerful actions in the game and should not be ignored!

3. Skill Actions: Gain special abilities when you catch fish near Rocks in the river. These personal abilities stay with you throughout the game and can help you out of a tight spot.

Round End: When all the dice are gone, the player with the lowest pip-count is the new first-player and gains a bonus turn next round! Roll all the dice, move the current and get back to fishing!

So if you like fishing? Get it HERE.

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